Actaea pachypoda Misty Blue ('LK05'PBR) EU 39570

Vaste planten


Why is the Actaea Misty Blue a must for any garden? To let the nose enjoy, to let the eyes sparkle, because everyone will say "wow" and because people need rest. Scented, eye-catching colour and maintenance free. Misty Blue produces white, fragrant flowers in May/June followed by white berries in the autumn. Leaf colour is blue/grey. This Actaea becomes 65 cm high and 65 cm wide. Very compact. Misty Blue prefers the semi shade. Misty Blue resists coldness to minus 35 degrees Celsius. Very suitable as garden, patio and terrace plant. The breeder of Misty Blue is Mt. Cuba in the US.

Key Points

  1. White, fragrant flowers
  2. Eyecatching white berries with black eye
  3. Blue-grey foliage colour
  4. Ideal as garden & patio plant

Breeder: Luc Klinkhamer

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