Sedum Sunsparkler® 'Cherry Tart' PBR EU 40776



Your garden is sparkling! Not with fireworks, not with champagne…No, it’s Sedum Sunsparkler® ‘Cherry Tart’!

Sedum Sunsparkler® ‘Cherry Tart’ is an excellent groundcover that doesn’t flop over with its mounding habit. 'Cherry Tart' grows up to 15 cm tall and 45 cm wide. The foliage is cherry red and the flowers are dark pink. The flowering is proliferous in late summer. The foliage colour doesn’t fade in spring, summer and autumn.

How to care for Sedum Sunsparkler® 'Cherry Tart':
‘Cherry Tart’ performs best in sandy, well-drained soil on a sunny spot. It hardly requires maintenance and can resist heat and cold temperatures to -25 °C. Bees and butterflies are crazy about ‘Cherry Tart’!

‘Cherry Tart’ is part of the colourful Sedum Sunsparkler® series. For more information, please visit:

Sito Web

Punti chiave

  1. Cherry red foliage colour
  2. Proliferous flowering
  3. Excellent groundcover
  4. Heat- and drought-resistant
  5. Low maintenance

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