Veronica spicata Bubblegum Candles ('Verspi'PBR) EU 53079



Bubblegum Candles is a great addition to the Veronica assortment. It has deep pink flowers that appear in early summer. Its habit is compact: 20 cm high and 25 cm wide.

Bubblegum Candles is great for mass planting, perennial borders and mixed container but also a beauty as a solitary on balcony or terrace.

How to care for Veronica Bubblegum Candles:
Plant Veronica Bubblegum Candles in the sun or semi-shade in a moist but well-drained soil. Hardy to -30 ºC.

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Punti chiave

  1. Vivid deep pink flowers
  2. Dwarf habit (compact version of Red Fox)
  3. Abundant flowering
  4. Disease tolerant

Ibridatore: Janus Verschoor

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