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Styrax japonicus 'Evening Light' PBR EU 44508

Laan- en straatbomen


Oh, what a night! The dark sky is lit up by thousands of stars. You can stare at this spectacle of light and dark for hours. Amazing! This beautiful contrast is also what makes Styrax japonicus ´Evening Light’ so special. Planted in a sunny spot, this Styrax produces glossy, dark purple leaves. In shade, its foliage gets a dark, olive green colour. In early summer, Evening Light flowers profusely with a lot of bright white flowers. Its light flowers and dark foliage create a very appealing contrast. Evening Light produces olive green berries.
Evening Light has a compact, bushy and upright habit. It grows to 175 cm high and 100 cm wide. It performs well in well-drained, moisture-retaining soil. Winters to -20°C are no problem. You can use Evening Light as solitary on balcony or terrace. Also excellent as hedge, in perennial borders and mixed containers.
Styrax ´Evening Light´ creates an enchanting atmosphere in your garden!

Punti chiave

  1. Abundant flowering
  2. Compact habit
  3. Bright white flowers
  4. Olive green berries
  5. Beautiful flower-foliage colour contrast

Ibridatore: H. Kolster-boomkwekerij

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