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Strobilanthes anisophyllus Brunetthy ('Lankveld15'PBR) EU 37209



Strobilanthes an. Brunetthy gives your garden or your terrace a modern, intense atmosphere. Brunetthy has modern brown/purple leaves. In the spring he flowers very rich with lilac flowers. Brunetthy is 150 cm high depending on whether he is pruned. Thrives best in well-drained soil in full sun, but semi shade is also possible. Water and fertilize Brunetthy regularly, then he will further need little maintenance. Brunetthy is moderately hardy so make sure you cover him properly in winter.

Punti chiave

  1. Compact
  2. Striking purple foliage
  3. Violet flowers in spring
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Can be sold with Halloween


Strobilanthes Brunetthy vincitore di:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2012
Zilver Plantarium 2012

Ibridatore: Kwekerij van Lankveld B.V.

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