Prunus lusitanica Tico ('Ybrazo01'PBR) EU 48974



Prunus Tico is very hardy so with this evergreen shrub you have a winner in the garden! Tico has green leaves with bronze, new shoots. The foliage contrasts quite nicely with the reddish stems. Plant Tico in a sunny spot in an acidic, neutral or alkaline soil. Prune in the summer. Tico becomes 150 cm wide and 250 cm tall and is with his bushy growth very suitable for a hedge, as mass planting but also as a solitary on terrace or balcony, in mixed containers or just in the garden or border.

Punti chiave

  1. Bossige groei
  2. Bronskleurige, nieuwe uitloop
  3. Groenblijvend
  4. Kan goed tegen droogte
  5. Zeer winterhard

Ibridatore: Yves Brenelière

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