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Prunus laurocerasus Titan ('Rentan'PBR) EU 41685



The Hulk, Terminator, Wolverine….make way for Titan! Prunus Titan lives up to its name. This laurel cherry is disease tolerant and winter hardy to -22 °C. Titan is not only strong; it also impresses with its size. Titan originates from Prunus laurocerasus ‘Mischeana’ and has a broad, upright and bushy growth habit. This shrub grows to 125 cm high and 100 cm wide. Its size makes Titan perfect for landscaping. It is also suitable as solitary on balcony or terrace, in shrub borders, as a hedge or in mass planting. Titan hardly requires maintenance. Titan is strong, broad and a real charmer too! Its foliage is very handsome with bronze, new shoots. Titan keeps this colour for a long period. White flower appear in spring. Titan performs well in a location with sun or partial shade. It prefers moist, well-drained and fertile soil. Prunus Titan: a charming bundle of strength….a real superhero in your garden!


Punti chiave

  1. Bushy habit
  2. New, bronze shoots
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Disease tolerant

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