Hydrangea paniculata Vanille-Fraise® ('Renhy'PBR) EU 22323



Hydrangea paniculata is famous worldwide for its massive flower panicles, but Vanille-Fraise® steps up to the majors. It owes its name to the beautiful white Hydrangea plumes that change to deep pink and red during the hot summer months: it’ll remind you of vanilla ice cream with strawberries! The best thing is that these stunning flower plumes keep their colour even after flowering. The profusely flowering Vanille-Fraise® has sturdy, red stems and reaches a mature width and height of about 1.5 metres, making it ideal for a natural, fragrant hedge or for adding some late summer colour to borders. She’ll thrive in a spot in the sun or partial shade, would like some protection from strong winds and prefers well-drained, rich soil. And there’s more good news: Hydrangea Vanille-Fraise® is also available on wood! Can you imagine a pair of them on either side of the front door?

Punti chiave

  1. Flowers rich
  2. Strong, dark red stems
  3. Flowers red and changes in autumn to pink and darkred
  4. Hardy to -30 ºC


Hydrangea Vanille-Fraise® vincitore di:

  • Brons Plantarium 2006
Brons Plantarium 2006

Ibridatore: Jean Renault

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