Cosmos atrosanguineus Eclipse ('Hamcoec'PBR) EU 43813



Cosmos Eclipse is a great, new introduction with its large flowers of 5 cm diameter and broad petals. This is much larger than other varieties. The flowers have a rich maroon colour, almost black!

And they have a delicious, sweet, chocolate scent. You can enjoy this from July to October. Bees and butterflies also enjoy the flowers of Eclipse! Cosmos Eclipse has strong growth and a dense habit and becomes about 80 cm high and 60 cm wide.

How to care for Cosmos Eclipse:
Plant Eclipse in full sun in a somewhat fertile, moist but well permeable soil. Eclipse is a wonderful addition to the perennial border, but is also very nice in pot on terrace or balcony. Due to the long, sturdy stems, Eclipse is also suitable for in a vase. Hardy to approx. -5 ºC.

Punti chiave

  1. Amazing sweet chocolate scent
  2. Deeply rich maroon colored flowers
  3. Large flowers with broad petals
  4. Vigorous growth
  5. Long flower stems

Ibridatore: Keith Hammett

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