Salvia nemorosa Blue Bouquetta® ('ALKLF'PBR) EU 20151957



With its large and intense blue-purple flowers, Salvia nemorosa Blue Bouquetta® is a splendid addition to any garden. Blue Bouquetta is a reblooming variety, so you can enjoy its majestic flowers from early summer until winter. Blue Bouquetta will reach 20 cm high. Such a compact variety covered with big flowers: you can imagine how gorgeous this will look! This variety is winter hardy to -25° Celsius. Prune after the first flowering period to encourage repeat bloom. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Blue Bouquetta is a great choice for perennial borders, as a solitary on balconies and terraces and combined with other plants. Salvia nemorosa Blue Bouquetta: spoil yourself and your garden with this sensational flower bouquet!

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Key Points

  1. Very rich flowering
  2. Large flowers
  3. Repeat blooming
  4. Intense flower colour
  5. Compact shape


Salvia Blue Bouquetta® winner of:

  • Brons Plantarium 2016
Brons Plantarium 2016
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