Hydrangea paniculata Pastelgreen® ('Renxolor'PBR) EU 52721



Hydrangea paniculata Pastelgreen® gives colour to your garden! Pastelgreen® flowers from early summer to autumn with flowers that are a mix of white, cream, green and pink. After 7 years Pastelgreen® is 120 cm high and 100 cm wide. The growth habit is upright and dense. Plant Pastelgreen® in the sun or partial shade. Pastelgreen® can be planted in any type of soil but prefers a humus rich soil. Prune in spring. Pastelgreen® is hardy to -30 °C and is perfect for small pots so very well applicable as a solitary on balcony or terrace. Also suitable for mass planting, for in the border or for mixed plantings.

Key Points

  1. Large, cone-shaped flowers
  2. Flower colour mixture
  3. Dense, upright habit
  4. Perfect for small containers


Hydrangea Pastelgreen® winner of:

  • Zilver Plantarium 2016
Zilver Plantarium 2016

Breeder: Jean Renault

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