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Thuja plicata Sugar & Spice ('De Rakt'PBR) EU 45306



Behind the pretty face of Wonder Woman lies a tough lady. And who would have thought the handsome, decent Clark Kent is actually a strong superhero? Look beyond the gentle looks of Thuja plicata Sugar & Spice, and you will also find a conifer with power! Thuja Sugar & Spice stands out because of its beautiful looks. Its leaves have a fine, soft texture with a full, dark green colour. This matches well with its brown-orange stems. This conifer has a slender, upright habit. It reaches a height of 300 cm and a width of 75 cm. But don’t judge a book by its cover! Sugar & Spice may have refined looks, but it’s actually a powerful, solid plant with a very strong root system. Sugar & Spice is evergreen, so you can enjoy Sugar & Spice all year round. It’s disease-tolerant and can stand cold temperatures to -22° Celsius. Another characteristic is its vigorous and easy growth. Sugar & Spice is not picky about the type of soil and its location in your garden. You can easily plant it in full sun, partial shade or shade. Even in shade, it retains its dark colour! Sugar & Spice is very suitable as a solitary plant. You can also use it for landscaping, as hedge, in perennial borders and combined with other plants in a container.

Punti chiave

  1. Fast & easy growth
  2. Very strong rooting system
  3. Slender, upright habit
  4. Easy to prune
  5. Disease tolerant

Ibridatore: Heco Stekcultures B.V.

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