Spiraea 'White Gold' PBR EU 10034



Gold in your garden? That’s very easy with Spiraea japonica ‘White Gold’. This new Spiraea requires minimal effort to create maximum effect in your garden! ‘White Gold’ is the first Spiraea with golden-yellow foliage and white flowers. In spring, bright yellow leaves appear that change to golden throughout the season. In early summer it produces pure white flowers.
This new variety has another striking feature: its shape. ‘White Gold’ has a compact, spreading habit and good branching. It grows to 75 cm high and 125 cm wide. A perfect size to put in a container on terrace and balcony or to combine with other plants. Also very suitable for landscaping, mass planting and as a hedge. Spiraea ‘White Gold’ is very easy to maintain. It can resists cold temperatures to -40° Celsius. It thrives in any type of nutritious soil in partial shade or sun. In full sun its leaves keep their beautiful colour (no leaf burn). Prune in early spring or autumn. If you do this, every year new shoots will develop and new flowers will bloom!

Punti chiave

  1. Bushy and well-branched
  2. Striking yellow foliage that changes to golden
  3. Pure white flowers in early summer
  4. No leaf burn in sun
  5. Low maintenance

Ibridatore: Liss Forest Nursery Ltd.

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