Spiraea Sparkling Champagne ('Lonspi'PBR) EU 32553



Spiraea Sparkling Champagne shows its beautiful ornamental value in each growing season. Once the new leaves appear the colour is pink/red that later on turns to lime green. Sparkling Champagne glistens nicely in the full sun or partial shade. Does not suffer from leaf burning. In the summer he flowers richly with large flowers; a true paradise for insects and bees. Sparkling Champagne grows in every soil type, is low maintenance and after 5 years the height and width is 1 m. All year round you have shimmering fun in the garden with Spirea Sparkling Champagne.

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Punti chiave

  1. Red-purple new shoots
  2. Golden leaves in summer
  3. Reblooming
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Disease tolerant

Ibridatore: Peter R. Moore

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