Sempervivum Chick Charms® Cranberry Cocktail



Sempervivum Chick Charms® Cranberry Cocktail has a lovely olive-green rosette that gets splashes of dark red to mahogany. A beautiful plant for in arrangements or in a pot on the terrace or balcony. This Cranberry Cocktail is also very beautiful in the (rock) garden. Plant Cranberry Cocktail in full sun in a dry place. Cranberry Cocktail needs little water and becomes ca. 5-8 cm high and 10-15 cm wide. Hardy to -25 ºC. Sempervivum Chick Charms® are trademarked in Europe under number 16662504.

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Punti chiave

  1. Easy for non-gardeners
  2. Colour uniqueness
  3. Colour longevity
  4. Ultra hardy
  5. Water saving

Ibridatore: Garden Solutions, LLC

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