Rosmarinus Blue Cascade ('Lowros3'PBR) EU 63171

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Rosmarinus Blue Cascade has elegantly arching branches and large, blue flowers in spring. This exuberant flowering rosemary contributes to biodiversity and is wonderful to use in the kitchen. The leaves are aromatic with a touch of citrus and pine. Plant Blue Cascade in the full sun in a well-permeable soil. Blue Cascade becomes about 40 cm high and 60 cm wide and is a beautiful plant for a hanging basket or a pot for balcony or terrace. Of course also very suitable for the border or edible garden. Blue Cascade can be pruned in spring or early summer. Hardy to -10 ºC.

Punti chiave

  1. Arching stems
  2. Large blue flowers in spring
  3. Aromatic foliage (hints of citrus and pine)
  4. A cascade of flowers!

Ibridatore: Ian Ashton

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