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Pieris japonica Polar Passion ('PPOBAS'PBR) EU 47670



Brr…it’s really cold at the North Pole, but that doesn’t matter to Polar Passion. This shrub always keeps its head cool! That doesn’t mean the plant looks as cool as ice. It’s pure passion that radiates from its red and big flowers! In early spring, the flowers start blooming.

Its bushy habit, prolific flowering and year-round attractive foliage make this a unique, new Pieris variety. Pieris japonica Passion Party® Polar Passion is hot and cold at the same time. But don’t worry: Polar Passion never catched the flu and stays healthy, because it is a disease-tolerant variety!

Polar Passion is winter hardy up to -20 °C. It thrives in cool, moist and well-drained soil with sufficient humus. Plant it in the sun or partial shade. Prune in summer. Polar Passion is a perfect shrub as solitary on your balcony or terrace. Also excellent to use in shrub borders and mixed containers.

Punti chiave

  1. Large, red flowers
  2. Abundant flowering
  3. Year round elegant foliage
  4. Bushy habit
  5. Disease tolerant

Ibridatore: Bloemen Young Plants B.V.

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