Phlox paniculata Bambini® Candy Crush ('Verscan'PBR) EU 48832



Phlox Bambini® might just be one of the most desirable Phlox series in the market so far. They’re suitable for any type of garden with their compact growth of 25 cm tall and wide and brightly coloured flowers.

The candy-like flowers of Bambini® Candy Crush bicolored pink and white and you can enjoy them from early summer until autumn.

How to care for Phlox Bambini® Candy Crush:
Bambini® Candy Crush prefers a place in the sun or partial shade in a moist but well-drained soil. This perennial is excellent as a solitary on your patio or in mixed containers, a perennial border or mass planting. Hardy to -30 ºC.

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Punti chiave

  1. Natural branching
  2. Early blooming
  3. Compact habit
  4. Mildew tolerant
  5. Bicolored, fragrant flowers

Ibridatore: Janus Verschoor

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