Lonicera periclymenum Chic & Choc® ('Inov205'PBR) EU 41130



Let me introduce you to the charming Lonicera periclymenum Chic & Choc®. You’ll be in CHOC when you see its compact silhouette. And have you ever seen such CHIC and fragrant flowers? Chic & Choc® is a shrubby honeysuckle variety with a height and width of 50 cm. Its compact size makes it perfect for both small and large gardens. The purple-pink flower buds open to reveal pink-white, gracious flowers that mature to orange-yellow. Chic & Choc® flowers rich and long, from summer to autumn. It is disease-tolerant and hardy to -20 °C. Chic & Choc® can be used as solitary on terrace or patio, as groundcover, in shrub borders or in mixed containers. Bees and butterflies are crazy about Chic & Choc®’s delicious perfume! Lonicera periclymenum Chic & Choc®: this small, compact honeysuckle will make a grand entrance in your garden!

Punti chiave

  1. Flowering rich and long
  2. Compact, shrubby variety
  3. Fragrant flowers
  4. Magnet for bees
  5. Disease-tolerant
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