Ligustrum lucidum Green Screen ('Bokrascreen'PBR) EU 44346



Ligustrum Green Screen has a very dense habit and upright growth. The leaves are glossy green and the new shoots in spring are bronze-coloured. The branches are strikingly red. Green Screen is after 5 years about 2 m high and 1.25 m wide but is easy to prune. This evergreen shrub is perfect for hedges or for the shrub border. You can plant Green Screen in both full sun and semi-shade. Make sure you have a well-water permeable soil. Green Screen is well hardy up to -15 ºC.

Punti chiave

  1. Dense foliage
  2. Striking red branches
  3. Glossy, leathery green foliage
  4. Bronze new shoots in spring
  5. Easy to prune, easy to grow
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