Hydrangea paniculata Prim'Red ('Couhaprim'PBR) EU 20182689



Hydrangea paniculata Prim’Red flowers early – from the end of May/ early June – and has a long flowering period. You will enjoy the changing flower colours, from creamy white to light pink to intense reddish-pink. Prim’Red keeps the vibrant reddish-pink colour into August. This Hydrangea flowers on new wood. The flowers appear very quickly on short shoots. Do not prune too hard, a very light pruning is all it needs to keep its shape. Prim’Red will grow up to about 1.50m tall and 1.20m wide. It is an excellent Hydrangea for the shrub border, for mass planting and for in a container on balcony or terrace. Plant Prim’Red in the sun or semi-shade in a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Hardy to -25 ºC.

Punti chiave

  1. Early flowering
  2. Long flowering period
  3. Changing flower colours
  4. Keeps its vibrant colour for a long time
  5. Flowers on new wood

Ibridatore: Couturieux

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