Hydrangea paniculata Fraise Melba® ('Renba'PBR) EU 46598



Hydrangea paniculata Fraise Melba® is a beautiful shrub you will really enjoy. Fraise Melba® has beautiful, full flower clusters without fertile flowers, so it is not rampant. The flowers are white at first but colour during the flowering season to dark purple. From early summer to autumn you can enjoy the beautiful colour. After 7 years Fraise Melba® becomes 200 cm high and 150 cm wide. The growth habit is upright. Plant Fraise Melba® in the sun or partial shade. Fraise Melba® can grow in any type of soil but prefers a humus rich soil. Prune in spring. Fraise Melba® is hardy to -30 °C and is very well applicable as a solitary on balcony or terrace, for mass planting, in borders or for mixed plantings.

Punti chiave

  1. White flowers changing into dark purple
  2. Thick panicles without fertile flowers
  3. Long lasting flowers

Ibridatore: Jean Renault

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