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Diervilla rivularis Honeybee ('Diwibru01'PBR) EU 46399



Diervilla Honeybee is a magnet for butterflies and bees. And not just for insects: with its strikingly bright yellow leaves, this plant attracts everyone's attention! In summer, Honeybee blooms richly with golden yellow flowers. In the autumn, the foliage gets a copper-red glow. The shrub has a nice compact and bushy structure. Honeybee becomes about 80 cm high and 100 cm wide. Honeybee is disease tolerant and requires little maintenance. Diervilla Honeybee gives a beautiful colour accent in the shrub border but is also ideal for mass planting. Also as a solitary on terrace or patio Honeybee catches the eye. Plant Honeybee in the sun or semi-shade. Honeybee is not picky about the type of soil. Hardy to -35ºC!


Punti chiave

  1. Golden yellow foliage
  2. Copper red shade in autumn
  3. Attracts a lot of bees and butterflies
  4. Very winter hardy
  5. Easy to grow, low maintenance

Ibridatore: Boomkwekerij William de Bruijn

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