Daphne L. Sweetheart ('Blacir'PBR) EU 20220503



Daphne are quite wonderful flowering shrubs, usually flowering early spring, followed by small berries when summer comes. Being woodland shrubs, Daphne are most often confined to a spot in dappled shade. Well: scrap that.
Daphne Sweetheart changes the game. Starting with her extremely long flowering period. She doesn’t just flower in early spring but reblooms in early summer all the way up to the first frost. She dazzles everyone who lays eyes on her with deep pink flowers all along the branches, spreading the sweetest fragrance. As if that’s not enough, she doesn’t have to be confined to shady spots either: she’s more than happy on a full sun location!

How to care for Daphne Sweetheart: this Sweetheart has a dense habit and natural strong branching, which means she doesn’t require much maintenance. Growing about 60 cm high and 45 cm wide, this evergreen flowering shrub fits in pretty much anywhere. Plant her in well-drained soil, and she’ll be happy in gardens, borders or even pots on terrace and patio. Hardy to -12 °C.

Punti chiave

  1. Lovely, sweet fragrance
  2. Deep pink flowers
  3. Long flowering period
  4. Compact size
  5. Evergreen
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